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Call of Cthulhu Gem bug GRAWRRR Empty Call of Cthulhu Gem bug GRAWRRR

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:49 pm

I believe it was aglitch5098 who suggested this game-to him/her, thanks very much! it's a great dark game, based on the dagon/cthulhu mythos.
Anyways, i'm nearing the end of the game, but i found that there is a glitch-well there are many, but this is a major gamebreaking one, failry common.
Theres a part where your supposed to use a shipboard cannon to kill off priests who are summoning waves. The problem is, in this glitch, the cannon doesn't properly zoom and you can't see the blue glowing priests, making it impossible to do anything but fire blindly in the few seconds you have between the giant waves. basically, you're screwed, and even reloading files of the previous level hasn't solved anyhting.

So here it is: if anyone knows a solve to this, cool.
OR: if anyone knows where i can locate the save file in the program files (i cant find it ANYWHERE lol) i can replace the file with a friends-or export it to another pc to see if that solves the problem.
At any rate, any help is VERY appreciated!!!

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