Run ATI Catalyst drivers on your laptop

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Run ATI Catalyst drivers on your laptop Empty Run ATI Catalyst drivers on your laptop

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:52 pm

Quite a few laptops are now shipping with the ATI Radeon Mobility chipset. Great! But......ATI does not release drivers that work with the chips. You have to use the OEM drivers. Until now, you couldn't download the latest Catalyst drivers and get better performance out of your mobile ATI Radeon. Like I said, that was until now.

Patje's Mobility Modding

Using this program, you can download the latest ATI Catalyst drivers and it will mod them so that they work with your Radeon Mobility!

Does it make any sense? You bet. On my Compaq 2195 (IGP 320m), the frame rates sucked when I tried America's Army. The graphics were nice, but sluggish. I downloaded the latest tweaked Catalyst drivers (, modded them for use on my laptop and it made a huge difference. No more sluggish video in AA. Haven't tried other games, but I'm positive they would work well.


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